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Palm Sunday- Jesus’ Last Week

I felt like sharing what this week “Jesus’ Last Week” is all about for Christians and how important it is. Thank you Jesus for your death, burial, and resurrection!

The year was 30 AD (After Death) which is over 2100 years ago that Jesus died for all mankind. At this point in time only Jews were allowed into the kingdom of heaven because they were God’s chosen people. They had to obey the laws, commands, and statues in order to enter heaven. But Jesus started preaching that ALL can enter into the kingdom on heaven if the believe and receive Him.

His last week (starting Sunday) he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey (if you don’t know ALL donkeys have a cross on their backs, which is pretty amazing since Jesus died on a cross) Jews would gather for the Passover (the Passover is a Jewish festival they celebrate in the spring to remember they were freed from Egypt). As Jesus rode into the city a crowd gathered around Him, laying palm branches on the ground to honor Him as the Messiah (a king who would save them). The crowd started singing and praise Jesus, as the King. The Jews thought that Jesus would save them from  kings and countries they had be enslaved to for so many years. But Jesus came to save them from sin (death).

Sin is the wrong we do, that we should be punished for. But Jesus said to come unto Him who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and He will give you rest.




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The Mind Of A Child

Jasmine is one of my sunday schools kids and a bus kid which I love dearly. She was baptized and filled with the holy ghost in October 2008 at our Boot Camp we had in Hollister. She has brought her brother and father to church since then and is becoming a great soul winner without even knowing it. Amazing huh! This past Sunday I sat next to her during our church service, they were announcing that will be having friends day in April. I lend over to her and asked her if she was going to bring anybody. She replied with I can only bring five people, at that moment my mouth wanted to drop to the floor but I kept my composer and just smiled. I thought about telling her how amazing it was to bring as many people as she had planned but I stopped myself. I want her to reach those goals she is setting herself up to achieve and not slack on pushing herself more. Her faith in God and LOVE is so incredible. We need more of us to be like Jasmine 🙂

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God Changed Rachel’s Life

This past Friday night we had our youth service and God changed Rachel’s life… I had invited Rachel to our services before and she has really enjoyed the presence of God in our services, so of course she wanted to come again. She then invited Angel, who we met in class, and he decided to come too. The youth greeted them as they came in and they felt very welcomed. Brother Kirk did an awesome job in preaching God’s word to us about how the devil is at our back door. Altar call was given and that’s when it happened. Sister Noel went over to Rachel and they began to pray as I was praying with others. A few minutes had past and I seen Rachel raising her hands and worshipping God and I knew she was getting ready to recieving the holy ghost. I walked over and by the faith I have in God and I told her I was going to lay my hands on her and she was going to recieve the holy ghost and that’s just what happened. I was over joyed when I heard in speaking in tongues, that I began to laugh. As she spoke in tongues I saw Jason praying with Angel and couldn’t beleive this amazing night. Both were being touched by God. Rachel then opened her eyes which we both grabbed each other and embraced by the overwhelming experience that just hatppened. Sister Noel and I then began to explain baptism and with nervousness she say Yes to washing away her sins. Watching her come up out of the water you can see the peace and renewing in her life. As we left Refuge that night both Rachel and Angel were so amazed by the power of God. Angel was in awe that he felt God and that it was a true experience. He was raised catholtic and had not been to church since he was a child and even then never felt the present of God. God is truely amazing and I’m thankful to be called His own. And now Rachel is also His own too. I love it!

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Soul Winners Boot Camp

Preparing myself for Boot Camp was such a roller coaster of emotions, at one moment I was excited then I would start to panic with the out come. As brother Maddix and his team stormed through our church doors with excitement and energy I couldn’t help but wonder what the weekend would turn out to be. The service started out with a block in the spirit with peoples doubt and insecurities but once we gather in prayer we allowed God to motivate our faith and see the vision. Leaving the church that night, my eyes were heavy for a good nights rest but sharing the weekend with three girls would keep me up until the late hours of the night. The next day we were late to church and some said we made a grand entrance but morning never show my good side. It takes me a good hour to come alive and get ready to work and get focused. As we went out into the streets of Hollister we had a blast. We rode around stoping people giving them flyers and telling them about the block party we were having that night. As we entered the block party that evening I was amazing at the people we invited and actually came. Walking around and talking to visitors I found myself in difficult conversations. I’m use to starting conversations but asking about peoples personal life is not my strong point. I guess I was raised to keep your personal life private because most people don’t want to hear aobut your problems. The next day we were at the park and a number of guest came and I was takening back by how we stepped out and witness. The girls that day were amazing, we were pasting out flyers and it was like we were in a rats race. We drove around again stopping people and sharing what was going to happen at the park. My favorite part was the children, God has placed such a love in my heart for kids that I can’t explain it. Most of my Sunday school kids were baptized that day and recieved the holy ghost. I was overwhelmed by this. I had prayed that God would move in their lives for months and now I was seeing it come to pass. On Sunday I still wanted Jonathan, Analyica and Madeline to get the holy ghost but I was thankful that they were prayer and seeking God. The end of Boot Camp had come to an end but as I was reflecting on the weekend I couldn’t help but to think about the disciples. They were not asking the people to change their life styles at that very moment. All they were asking people to do is believe in God to be saved, then the spirit would help with their life styles. My mind set had turned in a different direction that was so simple.

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Happy Birthday to Me

It all started on the weekend with Cristi making a chocolate heart shaped cake for me. I was planning on staying the night with her to attend MV in San Jose. She didn’t have candles so she used tooth picks and sang happy birthday and I pretended to blow them out; this was her first double layered cake she never made. Then my Sunday school kids gave me a card and a stuff animal. They also had cup cakes which sister mindy provided- that was very sweet and I will never forget their faces. Before sunday school they were all telling secrets and giggling. I knew they were up to something but I pretended to be surprised. I really was overwhelmed by the thought and the love they showed. That evening I went over to the Evans house and the youth sang happy birthday. Then they all wanted to say something nice to me; it amazes me how much I influence people, some of the youth even embrassed me with their little crushes but it was sweet. They all ate Cristi’s cake and Marcus decided that cake would look good on my face. Then the guys held him down and I smeared icing on his. The next morning was my birthday and I had phone calls on day long, starting at midnight. It cracks me up how people want to be the first to say happy birthday. That morning I finally woke at 6am which is very rare for me. I prayed for my friends and family then read my bible and went to work. At work they all sang happy birhtday to me and we had ice cream cake. I am very blessed to work with the people I work with. My boss was on vacation but called me and wished me a happy birthday from New York. Then I got off work early and went up to SF to be with family. My 5 year old neice made me an other chocolate cake and her, Noah and my self blew out the candles. Her and Noah decided to sing and dance for us, it was great. Overall it was a blessed weekend but my birthday gifts are not over. I will celebrate more this weekend with more friends and family. It feels great to be loved the way I’m loved. I have the most wonderful friends and family who I cherish. Thank you all for the prayers of blessing over the phone this weekend and expressing your love.

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Who I am…

I am a California girl, born and raised in a very agricultural area but also near the beatiful Pacific ocean. I have roots in Texas and visit often due to my mother living there. She is a southern girl born in Louisianna and loves the country side. My father was born in Mexico and moved to the states in his earliy twenties. My grandparents never spoke english and I do not speak spanish fluently, so miss communication happened quite a bit. I have two adorable newphews, Tony and Noah, who has captured my heart. They love skateboarding by the way Noah has been skateboarding since he was two years old. Many people are amazing by in abilities. In the summer I take my nephews body surfing in Monterey where I relax and read a book in the sand. I love to travel but enjoy coming home to my own bed. I’m an avid learner and continously wanting to learn more especially with our current events. I also enjoy sewing (when I have time), swim (for excise), play volleyball (with friends), play baseball (with people who can play), reading (dicussing it with Vicky or Kari), Volunteer (This is a great passion I have within the community, I started in middle school), and teach. Jesus Christ is my life and he should be yours. I have built a relationship with HIm at the age of twelve when know else in my l family did. I have learned to obey His Word, love HIm, and have His Word hidden in my heart. I pray daily for wisedom, knowledge, and understanding. He will become real if you let Him and you will have many experiences with Him. I also, have a great job whichI love and enjoy. My bosses are absolutely amazing and have so knowledge. I have been with this company from the day it started and have been apart of events and accomplishments through it’s history. This company has taught me to play golf and attend many golf events. Attend numerous of social events and be a part of the community. It’s great! I also, I’m attending school to finish up my BA in business, this has been a big dream of mine to finish and I’m determined to do so. Well, hopefully my blogging  will share my unusually events that I encounter so be ready to cry, laugh, and wonder what I’m dong. Thanks for reading my first posting.

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My Golf Lesson…

My boss Jayme asked if I would like to learn how to golf to connect with business owners. Of course I said yes and started to take golf lessons at the beautiful golf course at Laguan Seca commentary from the banks pocket book. The president of the bank bought me my first golf shoes and if you know any about golf it can be pretty expensive. It took me a while to buy golf clubs because I was naive to the fact that they were so expensive. I finally found the perfect style for me. A black bag with pink trim that came with everything that I needed. The orginally price with in the three hundreds but I know how to bargain hunt, so I paid a little over a hundred bucks. One day on the golf course I was learning how to chip and I was doing a great job. The instuctor came by and was watching my stans and swing, so I was in full concentration of what I was doing. and as a swung I knot out the maintenance worker. I didn’t see him and he of course didn’t see or realize that someone could hit close enough to him. Of course I was embarassed and thought I was going to big into a lot of trouble or at least legal trouble but the instructor and the group started yelling at him. Telling him to get out of the way. I reassured me that it was not my fault and nothing would happen to me. When I got back to the office later in the day and told my other boss what had happened and he thought it was the greatest golf story ever. He said when he goes out to practice he tries to hit the workers and never does. He couldn’t be I had “good luck”. If you plan on palying golf I reckoned that you increase your life insurance, especially if you’re on the same golf course I;m playing on.